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I want to have a wall furnace install in my living room. there is no exhaust vent and gas connection either, to the area where I want it to be place. I have a huge lounge, put on a divider so, the other side would became another room where the old heater located at. The side has no other heater. And I need you to put one for me.

Ferdinand C

Dishwasher hookup... disposal hookup.. sink to drain hookup. Need this new dishwasher actually installed. Don't know how to do it. Help

Shannon H

My bathroom is clogged and it also come up my shower tub. Need help drain clearing this out.

Elvira L

I have a property in los angeles that i need an estimate for drain cleaning and fixing, roots are in the pipe and I need for it to be replaced. 

Karissa C

Kitchen sink is clogged. Need a plumber.

Craig F

In need of a plumber, we are remodeling our kitchen

Steve C

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Your technician Pete was the most thorough, knowledgeable service man I’ve had to my home in a while…keep it up. Chris B

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